12 Pedal FootDrums

The 12 Pedal FootDrum has the core drum kit sounds and ample additional pedals to realize the full potential of the FootDrum. Get nuanced beats, rich layers of sound, and a set that is tailored to your playing preferences.

Default Pedal ConfigurationPrint

  1. Top Hat Striker – Outer Left Pedal
  2. Hi Hat (open/close) – Inner Left Pedal
  3. Snare Drum – Left Heel Pedal
  4. Snare Drum – Right Heel Pedal
  5. Bass Drum – Inner Right Pedal
  6. Bottom Hat Striker – Outer Right Pedal
  7. Top Hat Striker – Left Heel Post
  8. Jingle Stick – Right Heel Post
  9. Mountable Percussion or Crash/Splash – Outer Right Toe Post
  10. Mountable Percussion or Crash/Splash – Inner Right Toe Post
  11. Mountable Percussion – Inner Right Toe Post
  12. Egg Shaker




Keep it simple with our Basic 12 Pedal FootDrum package or Build Your Own and pick and choose from a variety of upgrades and add-ons to get exactly the FootDrum you want (see details below).

The Basic 12 Pedal FootDrum

$1945 without cymbals
    • Frame and Hardware
    • Wood Pedals: 6 foot + 2 heel post + 4 toe post
    • Simple Farmer Snare
    • Simple Farmer Bass Drum
    • Farmer Egg Shaker and Farmer Jingle Stick
    • Standard Wire Springs
    • Solid Color Choice
    • 2 U Rods (for mountable percussion or crash/splash cymbal)
    • *Cymbals not included

Optional Upgrades and Add-Ons

From $1956
    • (Frame and Hardware)
    • Metal Pedals: 6 Foot + 2 Heel Posts + 4 Toe Post (+ $75)
    • Classic Farmer Snare (+ $125)
    • Classic Farmer Bass Drum (+$50)
    • Other Stick Percussion (+ $11 to $18)
    • Magnetic Springs (+ $90)
    • Sunburst Finish (+ $55)
    • Choice of Sabian Cymbals (+ $199 to $399)
    • Choice of Crash and Splash Cymbals (+ $98 to $175)
    • Choice of Mountable Percussion (+ $25 to $37)
    • Lefty Set Up (+ $50)

*Cymbals Sold Separately

You must add a pair of cymbals to complete your FootDrum. We do not to include them because they vary widely in sound, quality, and price and we feel more comfortable leaving that decision up to each musician. Select from what we offer and your FootDrum will be shipped with them installed or, if you prefer, you can install your own pair of cymbals.

In an effort not to overwhelm you we have selected three Sabian lines that pair nicely with the FootDrum and satisfy a range of sound preferences and budgets: entry level XSR, mid-range AAX, and hand-hammered HHX. If you want a different Sabian cymbal please let us know – we are authorized Sabian dealers and can likely get it for you. Visit Sabian’s website to learn more about individual cymbals and compare sounds.

Guide to Optional Upgrades and Add-Ons


There is no difference in the way the pedals function – this decision is entirely based on the look you prefer.

Web photosl 400ppi-18Wood Pedals: Made from all-maple hardwood with a brunette finish and lacquer for a smooth playing surface. These nicely complement the FootDrum’s handcrafted, classic look.



metal pedalsMetal Pedals: Made from 6mm aluminum and built to handle serious foot stomping without wearing down over the long run. These give the FootDrum a flashy, rock-n-roll vibe.


Snare Drums 400ppi-12Simple Farmer Snare: This single headed 10″ micro snare is a great economical, lightweight option. It has low-mass Farmer lugs and an adjustable fan (half) snare wire that creates a very snappy, staccato sound with less resonance and overtones than our classic snare. The half wire and single drum head result in fewer options for adjusting and fine-tuning your sound.



Snare Drums 400ppi-10Classic Farmer Snare: This traditional double headed 10″ micro snare has low mass Farmer lugs and a full 20-strand snare wire with micro-adjust. The two drum heads create more resonance and a longer decay for the classic snare drum look and pop.

Footdrum bass drum 500ppi-35Simple Bass Drum: An all-maple hardwood Keller shell, 2.3 mm triple-flanged chrome hoop and an 8 lug configuration. The Aquarian drum head is a clear SuperKick 1 made for a tom drum. While the sound is similar to the Classic Farmer Bass, the metal hoop gives the FootDrum a more rock-n-roll vibe. Compares to our Junior StompDrum.


Footdrum bass drum 500ppi-36Classic Bass Drum: An all-maple hardwood Keller shell and counter hoop combine for warm boom and a classic, handcrafted look. The 8 lug configuration includes our custom low mass lugs, leather gaskets and rubber claw covers. Compares to our StompDrum.

FD springs 500ppi-24Standard Springs: Wire extension and compression springs provide steady, comfortable resistance for smooth pedal action. They do have limited adjustability and may need to be replaced after years of use.



FD magnets 500ppi-24Magnetic springs: Powerful rare Earth repelling magnets offer incredibly smooth pedal action. They are squeak-free, have adjustable resistance, and their magnetism is consistent and lasts forever. The lack of friction produces incredibly fluid pedal action. (For all pedals other than the bass drum.)

We offer three solid finish color choices at no extra charge: (1) natural blonde, (2) fiery red, and (3) midnight black. The color is applied to the top board and front quarter panels. The sides, drum shells, inside frame, and pedals are (4) brunette. Sunburst is available for an additional charge.

blonde1     red2     black3    farmer_shell_colors-2-14


footdrum sunburst

Be aware that colors may vary from our pictures as we do all of the finishing work by hand and in small batches. In addition, the grain and natural variations in wood remain visible after finishing. We use a water-based dye and lacquer as they are better for our health and the environment.

The FootDrum houses a set of hi hats internally. The 12 Pedal FootDrum also comes with two U Rod for the option of adding a splash or crash cymbal (or mountable percussion) outside the FootDrum.

A Brief Guide to Cymbals

Hi Hats: Hi-hats are the pair of cymbals that sit together on stand with a pedal to open and close them and they are traditionally used to play steady beats opposite the bass drum. A drum stick can also strike a hi hat: when played while closed you get a crisp, percussive ‘chick’. When open, you get a ‘sizzle’ sound that cuts through.

Crash: When most people think of how a cymbal sounds they’re generally thinking of a crash cymbal. These are the loud, explosive cymbals that are used to accent particular parts in the drum pattern. They range in size and thickness – the smaller the crash the higher the pitch. These generally come in 14″ and bigger.

Splash: Splash cymbals are basically a smaller crash cymbals and have the quickest decay of any cymbal. They generally come in 6-13″ and are are more portable, lightweight option than a crash. Because they are smaller, a splash has a higher pitch than the larger crash cymbals.

Ride: The ride is generally the biggest cymbal in a drum kit and offers a sustained, shimmering sound unlike the shorter, decaying sound of a crash cymbal. Due to the large size, the FootDrum is not capable of mounting a ride.

There is no one best cymbal for the FootDrum and, as with traditional drum kits, your personal sound preferences and budget are the most important factors. The good news is that cymbals are versatile and most work well with the FootDrum. Below are the three Sabian lines we carry. For more information and sound comparisons please visit Sabian’s website. Please let us know if you prefer a different set of Sabian hats – we can likely get them for you!

Sabian XSR crashThe XSR line delivers unprecedented sound and performance at a price that won’t break the budget. They have a bright, vintage style and are versatile enough to go with a wide range of genres and styles. These are a solid and economical choice, especially for those new to percussion.


Sabian AAX SPlashThe AAX line has a bright, modern sound. The mid to high pitch cuts through surrounding music and give you a pro sound for a mid-range price.



Sabian HHX Evolution SplashThe HHX line is high-end and hand hammered (dented) for a mid to low pitch that blends in with surrounding music. Described as “trashy and dark.”

FootDrum Accessories 400ppi-1The 12 Pedal FootDrum comes with two U Rods to hold a crash or splash cymbal, or mountable percussion instrument, on the exterior of your drum.

Please see the Sabian Cymbal Guide and Intro to Cymbals tabs for more information about choosing cymbals.