The Farmer BackBeat Kits give you the ability to engage an audience and develop an act that sets you apart from the crowd!

Whether you want to keep it simple with just a bass drum and hi-hats or add a snare drum, the BackBeat offers all the options a multi-tasking musician would want and leaves the clunky one-man-band look in the past.

Rambler BackBeat

Rambler (bass + hi hat)


13 pounds / 6 kg

Lightweight Backpack Frame

Classic 18″ Farmer Bass Drum

Farmer Bass Beater

Clear Aquarian SK1 Drum Head

2 Wear Resistant Cords + Foot Loops

Farmer Hi Hat/Tambourine Stand

*Tambourine/Hi-Hats NOT INCLUDED

Performer BackBeat

Performer (bass + hi hats + snare)


Under 18 pounds / 8 kg

Lightweight Backpack Frame

Classic 18″ Farmer Bass Drum

Farmer Bass Beater

Clear Aquarian SK1 Drum Head

4 Wear Resistant Cords + 2 Foot Loops Farmer

Hi Hat/Tambourine Stand

Simple Farmer Snare Drum

Farmer Snare Drum Stand

*Tambourine/Hi-Hats NOT INCLUDED




Beautiful BackBeat


The all-maple bass drum shells and custom hardware create a professional, classic look that is a work of art in its own right.

Farmer BackBeat


We use a lightweight military backpack frame to maximize comfort and wear-resistant cords for playing with up to four contact points.



Pick your level of complexity, price, and color to get a BackBeat that works for you.

Custom Hardware

We’ve thought through every detail and designed hardware specifically for this instrument that makes for smooth and consistent playing.

1. Explore the options.

Browse and compare our two BackBeat configurations to find your favorite.

2. Make your order.

Make your complete order and payment on our site.

3. Ships in 4-6 weeks.

Give us a few weeks to build your BackBeat and ship it directly to you – no matter where you live.

4. Make music.

Instantly have more fun with your music and impress everyone around you!

Featured Musician: Justin “Stovepipe” Stover  and

Location: Michigan

Musical genre(s): Punk, alt country, 80s music, soul

How long have you played your Farmer instrument: Almost 3 years.

How much practice did you have to put in before performing with it? I practiced for about three months constantly, between 4 and sometimes 8 hours a day. It took about five or six live gigs before I was any good at all.

Typical stage set-up: I prefer having the BackBeat, acoustic or electric guitar (depending on the sound I’m going for), and like the BackBeat best when it is mic’d well.

Favorite feature: I like the fact that my guitar playing has become more rhythmic and even percussive. It also brings a sense of humor to performance that I think saves me from becoming too self-serious. I also like that it is a legitimate instrument and not some gimmick – it’s an actual, handcrafted musical instrument that takes time and discipline.

Some words of advice: If you treat the BackBeat as an instrument that require dedication and practice then you’ll go very far. I mean, have Fun with your BackBeat. But they are serious instruments. I admit, at first I was more into the gimmick of one person bands. After all, you WILL get attention simply because of how incredibly curious these instruments look. But once you really get a feel for the instrument then it becomes a part of you, which positively affects all of your musical endeavors. I have seen my own guitar playing improve a lot over the last three years, even when I perform without my beloved BackBeat! You don’t so much as FORCE yourself to become better but, with a little practice, lots of performing, and a willingness to look a little bit different, you actually experience yourself become a more seasoned one person band. You’ll pleasantly surprise yourself with each performance!