The Farmer Bass Drums are incredibly portable and ideal for musicians looking to add a low end heartbeat to their music without the hassle.

The small size does not mean small sound – these drums hold their own no matter where you play, from the front porch to the studio or stage.

Farmer Junior StompDrum bass drum

18″ StompDrum


18″ x 4″ (46 x 10cm)

6.5 lbs (3 kg)

Punchy and Articulate

N. American Maple Shell + Hoop

NEW: Brunette Shell + Blonde Hoop

One Aquarian Drum Head

Clear Head Only

NEW: Custom Aluminum Lugs + Leather Gasket

NEW: Mounts on FootDrum

Custom Soft Case Available (+$55)

Farmer StompDrum bass drum

20″ StompDrum


20″ x 4″ (51 x 10cm)

7 lbs (3.2 kg)

Warm and Deep

N. American Maple Shell + Hoop

Finish Color Options

One Aquarian Drum Head

Drum Head Color Options

Custom Aluminum Lugs + Leather Gaskets

Counter Hoop Lugs Option (+ $40)

Custom Soft Case Available (+ $55)

Farmer StompDrum bass drum

20″ Double Stomp


20″ x 8″ (51 x 20cm)

10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Deep and Resonant

N. American Maple Shell + Hoop

Finish Color Options

Two Aquarian Drumheads

Drum Head Color Options

Custom Aluminum Legs +Leather Gaskets

Soft Case Available (+$65)

20″ Breakaway Double Stomp


20″ x 8″ (51 x 20cm)

12 lbs (5.4 kg)

Opens for Nesting Options

Deep and Resonant

N. American Maple Shell + Hoop

Finish Color Options

Two Aquarian Drumheads

Drum Head Color Options

Custom Aluminum Legs +Leather Gaskets

Soft Case Available (+$65)

Sound Comparison

I’ve been a drummer since I was 15 so I can really appreciate your fine work on the StompDrum. I love the attention to the finish and the stunning look of all your instruments and mechanics! Thank you for sending it to me in Italy so fast.

Gabriele Stoppa


Farmer StompDrum

Custom Hardware

We’ve designed hardware that pairs perfectly with our bass drums, including: low mass aluminum lugs, leather gasket washers that conform to the drum shell and legs that are low profile and classic.

Aquarian Drum Heads

We are proud to work with known and trusted industry heavyweights. We put Aquarian Super Kick heads on all of our drums because they deliver a low-end, well-defined sound. Every bass drum head is stamped with the Farmer logo.

Bass Drums


We do all the finishing work in our shop, and use water-based lacquer and dyes as they are much better for the health of our environment and ourselves.


Your entire set up can now ride shot gun. Remove the legs quickly and easily and stow your drum and accessories in a custom-made soft case.

1. Choose a drum.

Browse and compare our three different size StompDrums to find your favorite.

2. Pick colors and add accessories.

Explore and shop our favorite gear to complete your set-up.

3. Ships in 2-6 days.

Give us a few days to build your drum and ship it directly to you – no matter where you live.

4. Make music.

Instantly have more fun with your music and impress everyone around you!

StompDrum Accessories

  • Farmer StompDrum Soft Case

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  • Gibraltar 4711

    Gibraltar 4711ST Bass Drum Pedal

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  • Vater Vintage Bomber Beater

    Vater Vintage Bomber Beater

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  • Farmer 20″ Large Drum Case

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  • Gibraltar Bass Drum Beater Pad

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  • DW 3000

    DW 3000 Bass Drum Pedal

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  • Gibraltar Wood Beater

    Gibraltar Wood Beater

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  • Gibraltar Cajon Beater

    Gibraltar Cajon Beater

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  • StompDrum Spurs

    Farmer StompDrum Spurs

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  • DW 6000 Bass Drum Pedal

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  • rubber drum tips

    Rubber Drum Tips

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Featured Musician: Randy Niles

Location: NYC

Genre(s): Singer/Songwriter, Soul, Edgy Folk

How much practice put in before performing with it: It actually didn’t take too long to get comfortable. Immediately after receiving my package I added it to my setup and performed the following day with it. My practice was on stage that night!

Typical stage set up: In addition to my StompDrum I use a Pedal board with various effects from delays, to reverbs and eq’s, RC-300 loop station pedal and several AB switch boxes. I also have a Behringer 1202fx mixer which I use to route my loops independently. I use a Fishman Loudbox Acoustic Amp in which I route my Martin 000-M acoustic & Oscar Schmidt Mandolin OM10E through. As well a Fender Hot Rod deluxe amp which I route my Telecaster and Epiphone hollow body guitars.I use Seinhessier e835 (for house mic)  and e838 ( for vocal looping) as well a Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic for looping kick drum patterns.

Acoustic/Busking set up: I pretty much use the same setup for most all my shows. When doing more smaller/intimate shows/ busking, I use just the Farmer Stomp Drum along with my acoustic guitars, mandolin and tambourine.

Favorite feature: I love how portable the Farmer Stomp Drum is; as well it’s simplicity in setting up. For such a compact instrument it also creates such a full sound, truly rounding out my stage performance.

I played a gig with the StompDrum and it did great! Everything got pushed back for our sound check that night so we ended up not having much time to dial it in; it was essentially a throw-and-go situation in regards to stage sound but it performed excellently.  Even had a few people who have seen us before mention it and tell us it sounded a lot better and punchier than either of my other two kick drums which are full-sized 18″ and 22″ drums!

Smooth Hound Smith

I’ve ended up playing the Junior StompDrum reverse heeled on the right leg after I spotted one of your customers adopting that approach on video, it works a treat with the leg supports resting against the in-house drum riser.  The sound is amazing for the size, it keeps me alive in this very noisy music bar! So thanks again! It literally kicks ass.


Little Pebbel

I just did my first gig with the StompDrum, it went great with positive feedback. One musician friend (a percussionist) couldn’t believe the sound. Thanks again for making such a great product!