Farmer Drum Kits

Have a specific kit in mind that you don’t see elsewhere? We can build it! 

As the options and possibilities are endless – we’ve found it best to work with individual customers for the order process. Let us know what you’d like and we will get back to you with a quote within a day or two.

(To get a general sense of our pricing, check out our Drum Sets and Drums Sold Separately pages.)

1. Choose Your Sizes

We can do 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 inch shells in any depth you prefer.

2. Choose Your Hoop Style

We’ve got three options of counter hoops (see below for more info).

3. Choose Your Colors

We’ve got eight options – mix or match your shells and hoops!

Get a quote for your dream set up from Pete Farmer.

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We use Keller VSS™ Maple Shells that are designed specifically for drum performance. We have worked with them since 2006 and are very happy to utilize their expertise in drum shell design and manufacturing. We cut, sand and drill the shells in our shop, using a granite surface plate to achieve a bilateral accuracy of +/- .0001 inch. 

Hoop Options

Maple Wood – Yamaha Style. We love the look and style of these hoops! They provide fatter rimshots and nice focused sound. You can also have the hoops finished in the color you love. 

Chrome Die-Cast. A popular option as they provide focused sound and moderate sustain. Being a heavier, rigid option, they also allow for more fine-tuning. 

Chrome 2.3 mm Triple Flange. If you prefer a lively, open sound these are a good choice. 


We proudly partner with Aquarian for all of our drumheads.

Snare and tom heads come in white.

SK1 bass drum heads are stamped with the Farmer logo and available in white, black or vintage.

Bearing Edge

We use a Dual 45 Degree Edge (peak at the center) to get a wider tuning range and longer sustain. We also apply a slight roundover to get a beautiful, warmer tone.


We do all of our finish work in-house and hand mix our eight custom Farmer color options. We used water-based lacquers and dyes that are a healthy option for the environment and people. We finish the interior and exterior of the shells to protect against environmental damage and surface wear and also for a beautiful, polished look.  Mix or match your shells and wood hoops!


We use Pete Farmer designed low-mass lugs (with leather gaskets) and classic curved drum spurs. 


It will depend a bit on what your order is, but it would be safe to count on it taking 2-3 weeks for us to build and ship your drums to you.

Farmer StompDrum

Custom Hardware

We’ve designed hardware that pairs perfectly with our drums, including low mass aluminum lugs, leather gasket washers that conform to the drum shell, and curved drum spurs.



Bass Drums


We do all the finishing work in our shop in small batches. We use water-based lacquer and stains as they are much better for the health of our environment and ourselves.


Aquarian Drum Heads

We are proud to work with Aquarian, known and trusted industry heavyweights. Every bass drum head is stamped with the Farmer logo.




Every drum has a custom designed case available. Nest small ones in larger ones to get a minimalist set up.