Sabian Cymbals

We are proud to work with Sabian Cymbals and think they pair perfectly with our instruments. We’ve opted to carry three lines that have a great sound and suit a range of budgets. For more information and sound comparisons please visit Sabian’s website

If you are interested in a Sabian cymbal or size not offered here please let us know – it is very likely we can get it for you. Also note that the turnaround time for shipping cymbals is 1-2 weeks (we don’t stock them all in our workshop and may need to order them for you).

The XSR line delivers unprecedented sound and performance at a price that won’t break the budget. They have a bright, vintage style and are versatile enough to go with a wide range of genres and styles. These are a solid and economical choice, especially for those new to percussion.

The AAX line has a bright, modern sound. The mid to high pitch cuts through surrounding music and give you a pro sound for a mid-range price.

The HHX line is high-end and hand hammered (dented) for a mid to low pitch that blends in with surrounding music. Described as “trashy and dark.”

New to percussion and cymbals? 

That’s OK! Here are the basics to get you started.

Hi Hats

Hi-hats are the pair of cymbals that sit together on stand with a pedal to open and close them and they are traditionally used to play steady beats opposite the bass drum. A drum stick can also strike a hi hat: when played while closed you get a crisp, percussive ‘chick’. When open, you get a ‘sizzle’ sound that cuts through.

Crash Cymbals

When most people think of how a cymbal sounds they’re generally thinking of a crash cymbal. These are the loud, explosive cymbals that are used to accent particular parts in the drum pattern. They range in size and thickness – the smaller the crash the higher the pitch. These generally come in 14″ and bigger.

Splash Cymbals

Splash cymbals are basically a smaller crash cymbals and have the quickest decay of any cymbal. They generally come in 6-13″ and are are more portable, lightweight option than a crash. Because they are smaller, a splash has a higher pitch than the larger crash cymbals.

Ride Cymbals

The ride is generally the biggest cymbal in a drum kit and offers a sustained, shimmering sound unlike the shorter, decaying sound of a crash cymbal. Due to the large size, the FootDrum is not capable of mounting a ride.