The Farmer DownBeat Pedal is a foot-played percussion instrument that puts your tapping toe (or heel) to work. This sleek design has no springs or clunky hardware; the magic is in the power of repelling rare-earth magnets.

Add the percussion you want in seconds and start playing. It doesn’t get any easier than this to add rich textures and catchy beats to your music!

DownBeat Foot Pedal


The Rare Earth magnets provide consistent, silent pedal play and will last forever. Rotate the magnet to turn it “off” and safely store and travel with your DownBeat.

DownBeat Foot Pedal


Choose from a wide range of percussion add-ons and join multiple pedals together to create a percussion kit with the lowest footprint possible.

DownBeat Foot Pedal


Low profile wedge design for comfortable playing with heel or toe, while sitting or standing. Ready to play out of the box.

DownBeat Foot Pedal


Travel easily with the included custom soft case that is big enough to hold your DownBeat and percussion.

1. Explore.

Start with the DownBeat Pedal and check out all the percussion add-on options that will complete the instrument.

2. Shop.

Shop one of our ready-to-go packages or build your own set-up with individual items.

3. Ships in 1-3 days.

Give us a few days to get your order ready and ship it directly to you – no matter where you live.

4. Make music.

Instantly have more fun with your music and impress everyone around you!

DownBeat Packages

We’ve put together a few packages based on combinations we love and our most popular add-ons. To build your own set-up or add to a package, add individual items to your cart further down the page.

Farmer DownBeat Stick Percussion

Farmer DownBeat Stick Mount

The stick accessories mount directly under the pedal of your DownBeat and are secured in to place by hand turning the large screws on top of the pedal. No additional hardware or drum sticks are needed! These all mount in seconds and can be swapped out quickly and easily.


Farmer DownBeat Mountable Percussion

DownBeat and Mounting HardwareAdding the Farmer DownBeat Mounting Hardware and a drum stick to your DownBeat makes it possible to play all but the largest mountable percussion instruments. Our custom-made hardware allows you to adjust the angle and height of the percussion and the only tool you need is the included drum key.

You must add the Farmer DownBeat Mounting Hardware to mount these items on your DownBeat. You will also need a drum stick to strike the percussion – use your own or add one of ours. 

Featured Musicians: Musical Heart Strings

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Musical genre(s): Pop, Rock and Classical

What is your typical stage set-up? Violin, viola, cello, keyboard, 2 amps, 4 iPads, 3 page turners, and 5 DownBeats (add-ons used: Farmer Sleigh Bell, Farmer Egg Shaker, LP Jam Block, LP Blast Block, Toca Soft Shaker and Farmer Seed Rattle).

How much practice did you have to put in before performing with it?  The DownBeats are very easy to use and I was comfortable using them at the very first gig. The difficulty for me was multitasking. Getting used to playing the violin and percussion, with my page turner, was an adjustment and took 3 or 4 gigs to get used to.

Favorite thing about the DownBeat? We have so much more fun with them!

I tried out my new Farmer DownBeat pedal yesterday and was amazed at the smooth and responsive feel of the pedal motion. The use of the rare earth magnet to “spring” the pedal back up gave the playing motion an incredibly organic and natural feel. As a musician you want your instrument to feel like an extension of your body and that was exactly what it felt like when I was using the DownBeat Pedal with the seed shell rattle. It was sounding so good with my harmonica and guitar playing that I had to stop after a half hour and go to the computer and order another DownBeat Pedal for the other foot. Josh Woodlander

Musican and Recording Engineer

Overall I love this pedal and its versatility. I’m always on the lookout for new sounds and textures to add to my kit. Pete has designed a fantastic instrument that is both functional and elegant. It’s cleverly designed and extremely well made.  I’d highly recommend it to any drummer looking to add additional percussion layers to their set up.
Jeremy Steinkoler

Professional drummer, educator, and author of "Drum Wisdom."