The Farmer FootDrum, our flagship instrument, is truly original and the only professional acoustic, portable, foot-played drum kit available. Each one is built in our Michigan shop and shipped directly to customers around the world.

This self-contained drum kit incorporates a snare, hi hats, bass drum, and various additional percussion and performing accessories. The FootDrum is available in three pedal configurations, with additional options available to control the look, sound, and price.

FarmerFootDrum_4CorePedalsEvery FootDrum uses the four inner pedals to play the core drum kit sounds: hi hat cymbals, snare drum, and bass drum. Additional pedals are used in two ways: to play the snare or hi hats with secondary drumsticks to add rhythmic possibilities, OR to play added percussion instruments, such as tambourines, crash cymbals, blocks, and more. Essentially, the more pedals you have the more options and freedom you have to find your sound.

Design Your Custom FootDrum

This FootDrum includes all the basics of a drum kit plus two auxiliary pedals. This 6 pedal setup is our most straightforward, economical, and lightweight setup.

This FootDrum includes the four core pedals plus five more pedals for lots of room to explore and experiment.  This 9 pedal setup will allow you to grow your sound without breaking your budget.

This FootDrum includes the basic four core pedals plus eight more pedals for the ultimate freedom to experiment and hone your sound. Realize your full potential with this 12 pedal setup.

1. Explore the Options

Compare all the options to find a FootDrum that fits your style and budget.

2. Select options and pay for your FootDrum.

We no longer have a wait list and you can order your drum without paying a deposit first.

3. Your FootDrum is built to order.

We will get your drum up on the work bench and ship it to you in 3-6 weeks.

4. Make music.

Pete will build your drum to order and we will ship it directly to your door – no matter where you live.

The FootDrum arrived and it’s perfect! I have not had such a pleasure to open a gift since I was a child. I admire your job creating with your own hands and giving exceptional pleasure to people all over the world! I wish I could do something so meaningful. After watching several YouTube clips I could play with the FootDrum right away and it is perfectly tuned as it is. You really understand what you are doing and I can feel your passion when I play the FootDrum.
Gordon Sommer
I'm a professional musician/singer songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia and have a 9 pedal setup. The FootDrum has injected a freshness to my sets (and has made playing wonderwall for drunk people fun again!). I plan to write and record more original music to eventually track my first EP and full length album and utilize my FootDrum in all my future music endeavors.
Lucas Day
Australia / Lucas Day Music
The FootDrum has literally doubled our sound and production value - everybody LOVES it! We are heading out on a tour through Europe and taking the FootDrum with us.
Lourens Rabe
South Africa / Bottomless Coffee Band
I love my FootDrum. I wish I had endless endurance so I could practice all day and gig all night. I haven't had this much fun playing since I was a 13-year-old kid. Thank you, Farmer Foot Drums!
Todd Cowart
SC, USA / Todd Cowart Music
I was instantly impressed at how meticulously engineered the FootDrum is. The design makes adjustments obvious and easy, even for a person like me who has never played a drum set. Thanks so much for all your hard work in building this beautiful instrument. It was well worth the wait and expense.
Jason Janes
USA / Utherbruther


The novel design can revitalize your musical creativity, give your music a dynamic and distinct sound, and captivate and delight audiences in all venues. 



Pete Farmer independently designs the FootDrum and thousands of hours, over more than ten years, have gone in to every detail. The drum incorporates over 400 parts – many custom fabricated specifically for us.

Portable FootDrum


The entire kit collapses in seconds and can be carried with one hand as it weighs around 40 pounds. Setting up is just as easy.



Musicians of all genres and abilities enjoy the FootDrum, whether keeping it simple or loading up on the options. Pick and choose only the options you want to get a set-up just right for you.

Options Guide

Options for Every FootDrum

Farmer Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Classic Farmer Snare or Simple Farmer Snare

Farmer Foot Drum bass drums

Bass Drum

Classic Farmer Bass or Simple Farmer Bass

Farmer foot drum spring

Spring Type

Magnetic Springs or Standard Wire Springs

Foot Drum pedals

Pedal Type

Aluminum Pedals or Wood Pedals

foot drum cybmals


Get Sabian cymbals from us or install your own.

Farmer Snare Drum

Finish Color

Choose between natural blonde, midnight black, fiery red or sunburst.

Farmer Foot Drum packages


Build your own drum or choose a package if you prefer to go with tried and true set-ups.

foot drum wood block


Add only the playing and performance accessories that you choose.

Featured Musicians

Rene Wermke on FootDrum Location: Hannover, Germany
Musical genre(s): Blues, Rock, Folk
How long have you played your FootDrum? About 1.5 years.
How much practice did you have to put in before performing with it? I could pretty much start right away with a steady 1->3 beat because I already had played some other foot percussion instruments (cajon with pedal and sizzle board). But to make the FootDrum sound as I wanted it to, it took me about 1 month of every day practice before I performed live on stage with the FootDrum. And of course I´m still practicing to get better…I think this will never stop.      
What is your typical stage set-up? When I’m doing my one-man-band-thing I love to play it loud and amplified. I play the harmonica with the Footdrum – this is very unexpected setup for most of the audience. After I while I started to build my own cigar box guitars and added those into my live performances too. Now I feel like I found a mix of instruments and the sound that I was always looking for. 
What do you use to mic your FootDrum? For the FootDrum I use 3 microphones: bass, snare and high hat/shaker. I’m plugging everything into my Allen Heath ZED 16 FX Mixer and finally through my dB 915 dx speakers. When the FootDrum is amplified I can sound like a complete rock or blues band.  
What gear do you use when busking? I use two small battery powered 5 Watt Amps for harmonica/cigar box and vocals. The FootDrums is loud enough to and sounds good without a mic. 
Favorite feature/aspect of your FootDrum: I love to play quarter tones with the left shaker. Play the bass on one and snare one three and it sounds like there is a real drummer on stage. Of course the most difficult part is to not make it sound boring after a while so to add breaks and variations to the beats. In my eyes music is the best thing in the world and you have added a really cool new feature into our world of music!       


Location: North America (I move quite often)
Musical genre(s): Alternative Rock
How long have you played your FootDrum? About 1 year.
How much practice did you have to put in before performing with it? I had to electronically duplicate the FootDrum Kit using an octapad, hi-hat, and stomp box to get a feel of how the FootDrum works. I was performing live with the FootDrum in a few months.
What is your typical electric set-up? Farmer FootDrum, Boss RC 300 Loop Pedal, 1983 Ovation Acoustic, Ibanez Jet King eletric, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Tube Amp, Pedal Board, Raquy Inlaid Egyptian Doumbek, Inlakesh Didgeridoo, Radoni Violin.
What is your typical acoustic set-up? Farmer FootDrum using brushes, 1983 Ovation Acoustic, Raquy Inlaid Egyptian Doumbek, Inlakesh Didgeridoo, Radoni Violin and Loop Pedal.
What do you use to mic your FootDrum? For the FootDrum I use 3 microphones: bass, snare and high hat/shaker. I’m plugging everything into my Allen Heath ZED 16 FX Mixer and finally through my dB 915 dx speakers. When the FootDrum is amplified I can sound like a complete rock or blues band.     
Favorite feature/aspect of your FootDrum: I love how versatile, compact, and so incredibly convenient the FootDrum is. You can put it in any musical situation, whether it be indoors or outdoors, and come out like a rock star. In a way it’s like a rhythmic chameleon and your mute hype man. Once you take it out of the case people pay attention. And the sound quality is amazing to boot! It has made performing live fun again for me.
Words of advice: Sometimes I’ll forget to check and make sure that all the nuts and bolts are secure before a gig and end up losing a drumstick during a performance. It keeps your improvisational skills sharp, but I recommend to do pre and post show maintenance!
It has been a year since I got my FootDrum and there hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t played it! I feel that my songwriting skills have improved and I may now deliver a much broader idea to those will play my songs. Randy

Getting my FootDrum has been the best musical instrument investment I have ever made.I was making adjustments to my snare and high hat levers tonight during practice and was struck with appreciation for the well-thought out design… I’m constantly blown away by this drum kit! It looks and sounds amazing. Being able to play rhythms with my feet has challenged my playing and invigorated my creativity. I’ve never been happier making music by myself!

Xenon 135

I am so glad I made the investment. The drums are a blast to play and I miss them when I’m playing with a band that has other percussion. I’m enjoying my solo gigs more than the others. I get lots of comments about the sound as well as the readily apparent quality of the product and I’ve noticed my tips are up 50% when I’m playing my FootDrum!” Keith