Our Design Process: From Idea To Instrument

Pete Farmer designing

Stage One: Ideas and Drawings

Pete Farmer is the source of all of our instruments and designs. An idea comes, for something new or a design improvement, and he gets a pencil and paper out to start sketching and brainstorming.

Pete Farmer testing prototype.

Stage Two: Protoypes and Testing

Next, Pete builds a prototype to test and mull things over, seeking feedback from musicians along the way. Sometimes ideas come together quickly and others roll around for quite a while.

Pete Sourcing Parts

Stage Three: Sourcing Parts

Once he feels confident with the design, Pete begins the search for the parts that are suitable for larger production runs. While some are readily available, he has increasingly moved to designing parts himself to satisfy a very specific purpose. We are proud to work with manufacturers and small businesses around the world to bring us quality parts at a price that makes sense.

Finishing Work

Stage Four: Finishing Work and Building

Once all parts have been acquired we are ready to assemble and build our instruments. We do the finishing wood work ourselves and build everything in small batches. This allows us to maintain high quality standards, work directly with customer needs and requests, and refine the design more frequently.

Stage Five: Shipping and Communication

We ship our instruments around the world on a near daily basis and work hard to provide dependable communication. By working directly with our customers we are able to answer questions, help with ideas, offer personalized support and get valuable feedback. We take great joy in the friendships we’ve made with musicians around the world.

Stage Six: Review and Repeat

Like all businesses in it for the long run, we are on a continuous mission to improve everything we do. By reviewing and refining the design of our instruments often we are able to offer the highest possible quality instruments we can make that suit a wide range of budgets, needs and musical styles.

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