Farmer softcase
Farmer softcase

Farmer 18″ StompDrum

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While much more portable than a standard bass drum, our 18″ StompDrum packs a punch. Recently redesigned, this classic two-tone bass drum is now built with an all maple shell and hoop. Now you can enjoy maximum portability without sacrificing sound.

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  • Aggressive playing can give your music a punching beat or played more lightly to deliver a warmth and bottom end to fill most smaller venues or homes. To fill a larger venue, mic it up and dial it in to sound like most any size bass drum. 
  • This bass drum can be mounted on the Farmer FootDrum. 
  • Keller North American Maple brunette shell and natural blonde counter hoop finished in house (no other color choice available).
  • Clear Aquarian SK1 drum head (no other color choice available).
  • 4″ shell depth (5″ with counter hoop) and 18″ diameter (46 x 10 cm).
  • Weighs under 6.5 lbs (under 3 kg).
  • 45 degree bearing edges with slight round over; flat sanded to within .0001″ for a clear, warm thump.
  • Pete Farmer designed curved drum spurs for a classic vintage look.
  • Spurs have rubber feet that can be dialed up to reveal metal spike.
  • All drum hardware is standard and included.
  • Tune and swap out 18″ drum heads easily with your drum key.
  • Farmer StompDrum Soft Case available (+ $55).
  • A bass drum pedal (not included) is necessary to play the Junior StompDrum. Use your own or select from the pedals we offer.


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