double stompdrum
double stompdrum

Farmer BreakAway Double StompDrum


At 8″ deep, the Double StompDrum bass drum is half the depth of a more traditional kick drum – but not half the sound. This drum splits in two to allow for nesting smaller toms or snare inside and carrying your entire set in one hand. Don’t sacrifice style and choose your color shell, hoops and drum head.

Lightweight and portable, this drum is perfect for guitar players and drummers with places to be.

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  • Weight 12 lbs. (5.5 kg)
  • 20″ width x 11″ total depth with counter hoops (59cm x 28cm)
  • Z angle cut to fit two sides together with an airtight seal
  • Binds together with 2 pairs heavy duty leg brackets with 2 stainless steel latches 
  • Keller VSS constructed North American Maple; 7-ply shell 20″ x 8″ (51 x 20cm)
  • Keller VSS constructed North American Maple; 10-ply counter hoops 
  • 45 degree bearing edges with slight round over; flat sanded to within .0001″ for a clear, warm thump.
  • Aquarian SuperKick 1 batter drum head (clear only)
  • Aquarian Regulator resonant drum head, matte textured with 4″ off center port in: Black, White, or Vintage
  • Custom fabricated Farmer Round Lugs with leather gaskets.
  • Custom made chromed Farmer Arched folding legs with rubber or spiked tip.

A bass drum pedal (not included) is necessary to play the Farmer Double StompDrum. Use your own or select from a range of bass drum pedals we offer. The Gibraltar 4711ST is the most portable and can be folded and stowed into our custom soft case. The DW 3000 and 5000 Pedals are more rugged and sturdy options with adjustable features.

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