Farmer UpSnare


We’ve built a high-quality 14″ snare and added legs and a riser so it can be played with a standard bass drum pedal. As this is an unconventional way to play a snare, we’ve deliberately added a thicker resonant head to warm the tone and make sure the audience doesn’t hear the often-brittle tone a thinner head can create.  Choose your color to match your StompDrum or other drums!


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A bass drum pedal is needed to play the UpSnare – use your own or select from what we offer. You may also be interested in trying a wood beater to get a sound more similar to a drum stick. 

  • 14” x 4.5” 10 ply all maple Keller VSS shell.
  • Choose your color: brunette, blonde, fiery red, or midnight black.
  • 2.75” tall riser that accommodates any bass drum pedal for a centered beater hit.
  • 2.3mm triple flange chromed counterhoops.

  • Aquarian Focus X Batter drumhead – white texture coated.

  • Aquarian Classic Clear Resonant drumhead.

  • 20 strand 14” snare wire.

  • Micro adjustable snare throw.

  • Two mounting brackets and removable legs with spikes.

  • Drum key for tuning.