Check out our most popular, tried-and-true portable foot percussion sets. 

The Starter Set

New to foot percussion? This basic, tried-and-true set includes one DownBeat Pedal and our two most popular add-ons, the Egg Shaker and Jingle Stick, all in a soft case. No assembly or tools needed.

The Performer Set

Looking for versatility? This set includes two DownBeat Pedals, the Farmer Egg Shaker and Jingle Stick, and the mounting hardware to keep options open if you’ll want to play Mountable Percussion. Soft case included.

“I was amazed at the smooth and responsive feel of the pedal motion. The use of the rare earth magnet gives an incredibly organic and natural feel.”

 –  Josh Woodlander, Musician and Recording Engineer 

The Cymbal Set

Want to add an accent to your music? Mount any crash or splash cymbal directly to your DownBeat. Use your own cymbal or choose a Sabian from us. (Bass drum pictured not included.)

The Time Keeper’s Set

Need to keep the beat for a group of musicians? Educators and group players love being able to keep hands free while easily tapping out a crisp, clear beat. Soft case included.

The Ultra Portable Set

Looking to add dynamic layers of sound to your music without spending a lot on cumbersome gear? This set-up is the easiest way to get a big percussion sound without any of the hassle. Soft cases included.

Build Your Own

Don’t want to be limited to our sets? Choose from a wide range of percussion add-ons and create your own set up to get exactly what you want! A soft case is included with the DownBeat Pedal.

“I love this pedal and its versatility. I’m always on the lookout for new sounds and textures to add to my kit and I’d highly recommend the DownBeat to any drummer.”

 –  Jeremy Steinkoler, Professional Drummer and Educator 


The Farmer DownBeat weighs under 2 pounds and comes with its own sturdy soft case to hold the pedal and your add-ons. 



Shop from our ready-to-go sets or build your own set-up. Select from a wide range of stick and mountable percussion options.



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