Farmer Soft Cases

After years of searching for ready-made cases for our instruments without much luck, Pete decided to design his own. We now offer cases of various sizes and shapes to maximize portability and easy traveling.


Our cases are made with nickel plated hardware, water resistant exterior nylon, edged piping, and soft tricot interior liner.


Our cases and instruments are designed to work together and decrease the number of trips you’ll need hauling your gear around.



Travel easy and keep all of your gear organized with extra pockets and interior dividers.

Ideal for:

  • Farmer DownBeat and add-ons
  • Farmer ArchTop and harps
  • Farmer SideNote and harps
  • Gibraltar 4711ST Bass Drum Pedal
  • Ultra Low Profile Mic Stand
  • Large add-ons
  • Cords and microphones

Ideal for:

  • 10″ Tom Drum
  • 10″ Farmer Snares (classic and simple)
  • Multiple DownBeats and add-ons
  • Multiple large add-ons
  • Cymbals up to 17″


Ideal for:

  • 14″ Snare (classic or simple)
  • 14″ Tom Drum
  • UpSnare

Ideal for:

  • Farmer Junior StompDrum
  • Farmer StompDrum
  • 1-2 Small Pouches can nest inside shell of StompDrum (i.e. bass drum pedal and DownBeat)


Ideal for:

  • Farmer Double StompDrum
  • Farmer BackBeat

Ideal for:

  • Farmer FootDrum

Shop Pouches and Zippered Drum Cases

  • Farmer Pouch – Small

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  • Farmer Soft Case

    Farmer Pouch – Large

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  • Farmer 14″ Small Drum Case

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  • Farmer StompDrum Soft Case

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  • Farmer 20″ Large Drum Case

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  • footdrum case

    Farmer Trunk

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