Farmer Drum Kits

Farmer drums continue our focus on high-quality drums designed for portability. Enjoy a small footprint, flexibility with your drum and mic placement, lower weight and easy travel with Farmer cases. 

We know portability and easy traveling is a high priority. All of the drums included on this page have an optional Farmer Case available.

The drums immediately brought a smile to my face when I played them. I especially liked the toms and was shocked by how great the tone was on these drums. The kick was also was surprisingly deep. 

Buck August

Bass Drums

  • Farmer 18″ StompDrum

    From: $259.00
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  • Farmer StompDrum

    Farmer 20″ StompDrum

    From: $279.00
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  • Farmer Double StompDrum

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  • Farmer-Breakaway-Double-StompDrum

    Farmer BreakAway Double StompDrum

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Tom Drums

  • Farmer 10″ Tom Drum + Metal Hoop

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  • Farmer 14″ Tom Drum + Metal Hoop

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  • 10 inch tom

    Farmer 10″ Tom Drum + Wood Hoop

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  • 14 inch tom

    Farmer 14″ Tom Drum + Wood Hoop

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Snare Drums

  • Simple Snare

    Farmer Simple Snare 10″

    From: $119.00
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  • Farmer Classic Snare 10″

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  • Farmer UpSnare

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  • farmer snare 14

    Farmer Classic Snare 14″

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Soft Cases

  • Farmer Pouch – Small

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  • Farmer Soft Case

    Farmer Pouch – Large

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  • Farmer 14″ Small Drum Case

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  • Farmer StompDrum Soft Case

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  • Farmer 20″ Large Drum Case

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  • footdrum case

    Farmer Trunk

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Farmer StompDrum

Custom Hardware

We’ve designed hardware that pairs perfectly with our drums, including low mass aluminum lugs, leather gasket washers that conform to the drum shell, and curved drum spurs.


Bass Drums


We do all the finishing work in our shop in small batches. We use water-based lacquer and stains as they are much better for the health of our environment and ourselves.


Aquarian Drum Heads

We are proud to work with Aquarian, known and trusted industry heavyweights. Every bass drum head is stamped with the Farmer logo.




Every drum has a custom designed case available. Nest small ones in larger ones to get a minimalist set up.