Farmer SideNote Harp Holder

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The Farmer SideNote Harp Holder has a half arch that makes taking it off around your neck a breeze – no need to take off your hat or worry about your hair! This stainless steel half arch is solid and sturdy, yet flexible enough to adjust the position of the harp cradle. 

Start with the Farmer SideNote Harp Holder and consider the add-on options available below to get the most out of your harp holder.  


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  • Patented Magnetic harmonica mount made from a strong rare earth magnet for quick, one-handed harmonica swap outs.
  • Easily ADJUSTABLE harmonica height and angle for the perfect fit (no tools needed).
  • Over-sized wingnut to easily cinch down the frame position. 
  • Every SideNote is assembled by hand in our Michigan shop with care.
  • Get the most out of your harp holder with add-ons: Farmer Mic/Kazoo Mount or Farmer Dual Harp Mount.
  • Comes with a FREE Farmer soft case for easy stowing and travel.
  • Made from high quality materials: 4 mm stainless steel frame, rare earth magnets embedded in steel, rubber padding and leather accents.

The Farmer Harmonica Holders seek to perfect what it means to play hands free harmonica. Our Farmer SideNote is designed to allow players to change the height, angle and shape of their harp holders so that the perfect fit can be achieved.  On top of that, we have an angle adjustable magnetic harmonica mount that makes swap outs easy and one-handed.  The magnet won’t adversely effect your harp reeds since it has no attraction to brass or stainless steel.   Our SideNote was designed to be a low profile alternative to the hugely cumbersome Hohner FlexRack and other generic extra-wide spring loaded models that leave you with a huge piece of steel between your face and the audience.  You can also take the SideNote off around your neck, meaning you can wear your big hair or cowboy hat without struggling to take it off over your head.  This single arm mount also means you have more space to sing into your microphone. 

The ArchTop magnetic mount secures nearly all metal harmonicas made by Seydel, Lee Oskar, Hohner, Suzuki, etc. If you have any doubt, do a quick check to see if your favorite harmonica is attracted to a magnet you have at home.

There are some harmonicas made with non-ferrous metals that will not work with our magnetic harp cradle. While we haven’t tested every one out there, we know of a few that do not work:
– Suzuki Pure,
– Suzuki Pro Master,
– Suzuki SCX 48s,
– Brendan Power’s Lucky 13s, and
– Plastic harmonicas.

*Pete has a spring-loaded mount designed as a solution to non-ferrous harmonicas. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more!