Rene Wermke

Rene Wermke

René Wermke keeps has a life on the road as a harmonica- player and teacher, singer, cigar-and tin-box guitar player and builder and percussive footdrum player. He mainly tours around Germany but also all over Europe and particularly enjoys how music brings people of kinds together: “when you sit together playin´ blues or other styles, nothing else matters. It´s just about the music and the moment you create together.”

“My life changed in 2014 when my duo partner died absolutely unforseen at the age of 60. He was a good friend of mine and I still miss him so much! From than I had to find out how to go on. The songs we had in our duo didn´t work out well playn´in a One Man Band context. So I had to find my own way of creating songs with just my abilities. Very soon it turned out that it´ll lead me more into a powerful rock music style rather than into too deep bluesy stuff. Now I created a program with more than 30Songs not just for blueslovers but also for everyone who is aiming for authentic, handmade music to have a good time and sing along with. I included some covers but mostly own written songs from Rock, Contry, Blues, Reggae or Folk.”


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October 23, 2015